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Rock your nursery with the Rocking Sheep, Lamb and Stool by Danish designer and sculpture Povl Kjer.

The Rocking Sheep - The Danish Crafts Rocking Sheep replaces the traditional rocking horse that has been a wildly shared staple in many a child's upbringing. Each Rocking Sheep is a unique piece. Handcrafted by artist Povl Kjer, crafted with premium materials, these cuddly creatures forge quick friendships with children and give them a wonderful toy to play with. Made from genuine sheepskin from Iceland and New Zealand, this amazing product features a pine wood base lined with two curved rails for giving a fun filled forward and backward rock.

The Rocking Lamb - This “kid brother” an accurate 1:2 scale model of the Rocking Sheep is not a toy, but a beautiful and fun showpiece that both adults and children can enjoy. The Rocking Lamb is made of pine tree and upholstered with lambskin. The manufacturers assure that each item is made due to health care standards and won’t cause any harm to your child. Besides, it will serve as a nice addition in a nursery and a play room.

The Tuft Stool - Povl Kjer has designed Tuft, a stool inspired by the tufts in the Danish moors. Resembling the heads of trolls and other fairytale creatures the tufts can spark the imagination and in a mirthful way bring some magic. This stool is made of ash wood and sheepskin, available in white or black.


POVL KJER Rocking Sheep Dense Wool


POVL KJER Rocking Sheep Long Wool


POVL KJER Rocking Lamb


POVL KJER High or Low Tuft Stool