How do I record my baby's heartbeat?

At every check-up, your doctor or ultrasound technician will monitor the heart rate of your baby. At this time, you will simply switch the button on your red heart recording module to record 20 seconds of your baby’s heartbeat. When you have completed the recording, turn the switch to play back and then pop the heart into the back pocket of your Heartbeat Animal. Every time you hug your Heartbeat Animal, you will activate the module and hear the wonderful sound of your baby’s heartbeat.


When is the best time to record baby’s heartbeat?

Baby’s heart begins beating at around 6 weeks of pregnancy. For most women, with patience, you’ll start hearing the heartbeat at 10-14 weeks along. Considering your baby is just the size of a jellybean at this stage, this is pretty amazing! 20 weeks or even more is more common.


How do I back up my baby’s heartbeat?
Consider using at least two different backup methods.
BABY BEATS APP – Coming Soon!
USB’s – They are small and easily given to others for safekeeping.


Will I ever need to replace my Heartbeat Bear's batteries?

Although your Heartbeat bear may one day need a new set of batteries, it will always keep your Baby's Heartbeat recorded for many years. As with anything electronic, it is always important to make sure you back up your recording onto a separate device in case the sound of your baby’s heartbeat accidentally gets deleted or the sound module becomes damaged and needs to be replaced.

I have a previous recording of my baby’s heartbeat on my phone.

If you love this idea and have already had your baby, you can transfer a previous recording of your baby’s heartbeat from your phone or computer. Now you too can enjoy the wonderful sound of your baby’s heartbeat even after baby’s arrival.


Can I record a personal message on the recorder?

Yes! You can capture any sound on your recorder. Some of our customers have recorded baby’s first words, a lullaby, or a personal message for a loved one. The possibilities are endless…


What is the maximum length of a recording?

Our recorders will capture up to 20 seconds of sound.


Can I save on shipping?

You can buy your Heartbeat Bear from one of our trusted retailers, in person! The “Find Retailers” list is growing every day, so remember to check back frequently!

How do I order?

You can securely purchase on this website or from one of our selected stockists.


Can I change my mind after placing an order?

Decisions are tough, and buttons are easy to click by accident – we get it! If you contact us before your product has been processed through our warehouse, we may be able to amend or cancel your order. After the order has been dispatched, we cannot make any changes, so get in touch ASAP! If you do want to cancel your order after it has been picked up by our couriers, we will try our best to get it returned to us, but this isn't always possible. Please note any return requests will incur a return shipping fee which will be deducted from the amount you are refunded.

How long will my gift take to reach the recipient?

All gifts are dispatched on the day of order or the following business day. We are in Sydney, and therefore delivery times to different locations in Australia do vary.

Will an invoice be included when sending a heartbeat animal as a gift?

As most of our gifts are sent to directly to the recipient, we do not include an invoice in the parcel. Instead, the invoice is emailed directly to you as soon as the order is placed.


It is a gift, so can you please not include any price info? 

All the price info is done via the confirmation email you get sent at checkout. The gift just gets sent with our love.


What makes the stuffed animal in this elegant box so special?

It allows you to permanently record your baby's heartbeat, while you are still expecting!

Are the heartbeat animals available in stores?

Yes, please go to Our Stockist page on our website.


Will there be different types of animals in the future?

Yes, but there is no specific timeline as of yet.


Do you allow pick up or drop off?

Unfortunately, this is not an option.


Can I track my order?

Once you order has left on a courier your will receive an email with your tracking number.

Do you deliver Australia-wide?

Yes, it is a big country, but we have it covered! 


Can you ship to a P.O Box?

Yes, however the box we ship the heartbeat animals in is quite large and will often not fit into the smaller P.O boxes. If this is the case, the post office will ask you to collect your parcel.


I want to send to a new Mum and bub in hospital, is that possible?

Yes! We certainly can deliver our beautiful gifts to hospitals, and the more details we have about the recipient, the more likely the gift will arrive smoothly. Any information such as unit name and room/bed number will help the courier to find the correct person. Please also ensure that the recipient will still be in the hospital by the time the gift is delivered, otherwise it might be a better alternative to send it to their home address.

Can I send a heartbeat animal overseas?
Absolutely, we send our teddy bears all over the world. Please allow for around 2 weeks from ordering for delivery to most places, like Europe and USA. New Zealand is quicker. Auckland is generally around 4 business days. Places like South America, Africa and some more remote Asian countries can take up to a month.
If you need our heartbeat animals to arrive really quickly there are options like Air Mail Express Post, Fedex and TNT. They can be pricey, we encourage you to get a quote and arrange this type of service, we're happy for them to collect from us. A good link to look at to assist with the destination countries requirements is Auspost International Guide


Where are you located?

We operate from Sydney, Australia but deliver worldwide.


Will my order arrive before Christmas?

We recommend ordering before the 12th of December to guarantee delivery before Christmas. If this date has passed, please contact us to make sure we can fulfil your order in time.


Can I post out the gift boxes as they are?

No, our boxes are no match for the abuse of most national postal services! We use extra brown corrugated mailing cartons to protect them in the post.


 Do you love your job?

Oh my gosh YES!!! You know the old saying, “if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life!”…yup, that’s me!


I am an influencer. How can I collaborate with Baby Beats?

We are open to collaborating with social media influencers if they are the right fit. If you are an influencer and feel that you are a good fit baby Beats, please feel free to send an introduction and a link to your social media accounts.


Can I sell Baby Beats products in my store?
Yes. To request information on becoming a Baby Beats wholesale customer, please visit our Wholesale Application section. Once we have reviewed your application, we will reach out to you.

Do you have another question not listed here that you need an answer to? Feel free to contact us and we promise we will get back to you as soon as we can.