*IMPORTANT* Backup your baby's Heartbeat for safe keeping

Record your baby's heartbeat while still in utero

Your pregnancy is an amazing chapter in your life that you experience for only a brief time. Being able to build the connection and strengthen the emotional bond with your baby prior to their arrival is an irreplaceable experience. Let us capture this special time forever with our adorable heartbeat animals.

Baby Beats provides a simple to use 20 second red-heart recording module to record the sound of your unborn baby's heartbeat during your ultrasound appointment, then fits inside one of our plush animals and plays back the heartbeat recording every time you give it a squeeze!

A must-have item for nurseries and the perfect gift idea for parents-to-be, siblings, grandparents, baby showers, loved one or work colleague going on maternity leave.

Oh, and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!

HeartBeat Animals


Baby Beats Plush Bear Teddy


Baby Beats Plush Elephant


Baby Beats Plush Lamb


Baby Beats Plush Lion


Baby Beats Red-Heart Recording Module


Rocking Sheep


POVL KJER Rocking Sheep Dense Wool


POVL KJER Rocking Sheep Long Wool


POVL KJER Rocking Lamb


POVL KJER High or Low Tuft Stool