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Ditto the Heartbeat Lamb (Includes 20 Second Heart Module)

Ditto the Heartbeat Lamb (Includes 20 Second Heart Module)

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Ditto the Heartbeat Lamb is soft, cuddly and has lots of friends, but won’t be tempted to follow the pack. Gentle and kind, Ditto’s a very social lamb, the life of the party, telling one good story after another.

Like most other animals, Ditto is extremely playful leaping through the tall grass with trimmed tanned hooves and cute stubby tail but don’t feel baa-ad if Ditto’s soft white coat gets a little dirty though, it’s washable, and with a gentle wipe, you’ll have it clean again in two shakes of a lamb’s tail! 

Ditto’s a smart little lamb and will be sure to keep your babies’ heartbeat safe.

    Additional information

    Our Heartbeat animals all come with our exclusive Baby Beats Red Heart Recording Module. With a recording duration time of 20 seconds, the recording module allows you to capture your baby’s heartbeat while still in utero. 

    For that extra special something, our knitted gender-reveal bow comes with every member of the Heartbeat family. Ask your ultrasound technician or trusted family friend to dress your Heartbeat animal. The bow can be worn as a neck-tie to introduce your baby boy or a head-band to introduce your baby girl.

    Ditto, the Heartbeat Lamb, is the perfect way to celebrate your new arrival. A must-have item for nurseries and the perfect gift idea for parents-to-be, siblings, grandparents, baby showers, loved one or work colleague going on maternity leave.


    • Details: Heartbeat Animals
    • Material: Soft fake rabbit plush, stuffed with polypropylene cotton
    • Size:  Height 43cm 
    • Eyes:  Safety Plastic Eyes
    • Sound Mechanism:  Exclusive 20-second red heart recording module (batteries included)
    • Character:  Lamb
    • Country of origin:  Ethically manufactured in China
    • Designed By:  Baby Beats Australia
    • Care:  Surface washable with care
    • Packaging: Presented in a premium embossed gift box with no show through. Elegantly tied with a satin ribbon
    • Suitable Age: 3+ (remove all accessories, ribbons and labels before giving to a child aged below this age). Compliant with Australian and New Zealand toy safety standards
    • Bonus inclusion: Gender Reveal bow

    What's in the Box

    • Heartbeat Animal
    • 20 second Baby Beats Red-Heart recording module
    • Premium quality Bowtie
    • Instruction sheet
    • Presented in a premium embossed gift box with no show through. Elegantly tied with a satin ribbon
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