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I Love You More and More

I Love You More and More

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Bear loves cub more than trees, mountains and stars. As they explore the world together, Bear’s love for cub just grows and grows! A heart warming celebration of nature and family.

 Title: I Love You More and More
 Author: Nicky Benson and Jonny Lambert 
 Book type: Fiction
 Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group | Little Tiger Press
 Publication date: January 9th, 2020
 Number of pages: 30
 Format: Board Book


    Additional information

    Artist : Povl Kjer

    • Age : From 1 year old
    • Frame : Varnished Pine
    • Fabrics : Upholstered with a whole lambskin
    • Total height: 60 cm. Seat Height : 40 cm. Width : 25 cm. Length : 85 cm
    • Weight : 4.6 kg
    • Conforms to CE standards
    • Details : Handcrafted, Each piece is unique, hand sculpted
    • Helps develop balance
    • Made in : Denmark
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