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Little Dream

Little Dream

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“We wondered if you had lost your way..."

Little Dream tells a moving story of a couple’s faith and determination as they wait year after year for their sweet dream to arrive.

With many joyful adventures, and a special someone to meet, baby badger is in no rush.

A unique story that honours the lives of angels taken too soon, and celebrates the courage that comes when we are led down the heartbreaking path of infertility and loss.

Laivi Põder’s whimsical illustrations so beautifully bring Little Dream to life. It is a story that will be sure to have a special place in the hearts of many & become a treasured favourite for a precious miracle or miracle-to-be.

 Title: Little Dream
 Author: Celeste Rankins
 Illustrator: Laivi Põder
 Book type: Fiction
 Publisher: Darling Clover Co.
 Number of pages: 32
 Format: Hardback

    Additional information

    Artist : Povl Kjer

    • Age : From 1 year old
    • Frame : Varnished Pine
    • Fabrics : Upholstered with a whole lambskin
    • Total height: 60 cm. Seat Height : 40 cm. Width : 25 cm. Length : 85 cm
    • Weight : 4.6 kg
    • Conforms to CE standards
    • Details : Handcrafted, Each piece is unique, hand sculpted
    • Helps develop balance
    • Made in : Denmark
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